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iPRO Markers are the most practical solution for marking buried objects or setting lines and boundaries.

Once installed in the ground, iPRO Markers help to indicate buried objects (tanks, sprinklers, cables, sensors, etc), show ground hazards and mark out building sites, camp sites etc.

For sports fields, iPRO Markers provide a very practical and cost effective way to mark positions on the playing surface and to display locations for line marking with iPRO Markers clearly visible in the grass. iPRO Markers can be either left in the ground permanently or moved as and when required.

With the provided tools, iPRO Markers are simply knocked or screwed into the ground so that their coloured, synthetic grass tops remain visible. When the grass is next cut, the iPRO Markers are trimmed to the correct level. This means that they are still visible and are level with the length of the grass.

iPRO Markers are available in boxes of 25 with three different installation tools. Available in blue, white, yellow, red and white. Brush is UV treated.

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